My name is Valeria. I’ve been working as a product and packaging designer for many years. Being overwhelmed by designing so much waste I decided to search for alternative solutions to packaging and one-time-use products.


Have you considered how much waste everyday-use products create?

Personal care industry alone produces more than 120 billion units of non recyclable waste annually. 

Let’s shop to keep, to reuse, to share, to recycle.

As consumers, we have the power of making sustainable and responsible choices. Let’s use this power and choose brands and products that don’t harm the environment, use eco innovative materials, sustainable production methods, natural ingredients, and minimal to no packaging.

There are still only a handful of companies that are 360° eco focused. These brands go the extra mile to produce awesome, stylish, innovative eco products, instead of choosing an easy path of ‘green-washing’ marketing.


I am on a quest to find truly sustainable brands and products and I am very excited to share them with you! I hope that together we can battle the environmental problems and contribute to a better future for us and our planet.

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In the past decades, the popular song line “life in plastic is fantastic” has become a reality rather than just a pretty fantasy.


We live in a plastic world. Half of all plastics manufactured have been made in the last 15 years. Almost everything we use is made, or partially made, of plastic. Plastic is a great versatile and revolutionary material that helps to the drive progress. But the convenience of mass-use plastic comes at deadly costs. We can already clearly see the consequences of irresponsible plastic overconsumption.


'Zero Plastic Is Fantastic' is a utopia. But there is hope…

A plastic hype will eventually pass and will get replaced by a better material. Let’s just learn from our mistakes and develop a material that would be virtuous, sustainable, healthy, and would help to restore our planet instead of destroying it.